4 Key Features To Look For In The Most Welcoming Dog Boarding Center

Even though your canine may be just as much a member of the family as anyone else, there will always be those times when you cannot take along your dog along with you. Whether it is a family vacation or business trip, if Fido has to stay at a dog boarding facility, it can be a little worrisome to leave him behind. However, when you are positive that your prized pet will be tenderly cared for while you are away, you can rest easy and feel fine about leaving him. Here are four key features you should make sure the kennel that you choose has before you leave your furry family friend.

1. Drainage Inside Each Kennel - Keeping kennels clean and sanitary is all about washing them down after each pet, which is most feasible if each kennel has a drainage system inside. This will also be convenient if your pet has an accident inside overnight.

2. Clear-View Doors on Enclosures - Many dogs get antsy f they are enclosed in a small area and cannot see what is going on around them. Plus, you will want to know that your pet will be clearly visible while inside of the enclose. Therefore, doors that offer a full view inside of the kennel are an important feature to look for.

3. Separate Housing for Cats and Dogs - Cats and dogs are notorious rivals, but just having them housed together, even in separate enclosures, can be enough to provoke a lot of stress on both the cats that are present and the dogs. The two different animals should be housed in separate areas of the facility.

4. Strict Health Guidelines - You may get a little frustrated with all of the extra red tape and paperwork when you take your dog to a dog boarding facility, but if the place is picky when it comes to the health of your pet, you will know that they are extremely cautious about letting unhealthy dogs come in that could put your canine at risk. The facility should be asking about immunizations, health problems, recent infections, and checking your pet for signs for parasites.

It may never be easy to leave your dog behind, but when you are positive that the dog boarding facility is a good place, it can be a lot easier. Make sure before you leave your dog for boarding, you take the time to walk through the facility and ask questions. Contact a company like Sitting Pretty Canine Services dog boarding for more information.